How to Make Christmas gift bows | Merry Christmas 2016 Greetings

We all love receiving gifts. Moreover the fun part is opening
the wrapping of the gifts anxiously to know what on earth it contains. But have
you ever thought that how do people manage to pack the gifts so neatly and that
too with a perfect Gift Bow?

Well on a personal note I myself have never done so nor do I
pay any attention to the wrapping style. All my attention is on ripping apart
the gift packing as quickly as I can. These ribbons are even hard to undo. We
all try to knot it, slide it, or pull it off the side, stretching it as well as they can but
in the end we end up using a pair of scissors or a pocket knife.

How to Make Christmas gift bows
How to Make Christmas gift bows

But at some point of time we all need to learn how to tie a
double knot gift bow, so why not now? Go through the simple and easy steps to
master the art of tying a perfect and clean Gift Bow. All we need is a nice and
good looking good quality ribbon and a pair of scissors.

Steps to make Christmas Gift Bows

Steps to make Christmas Gift Bows
Steps to make Christmas Gift Bows
  1. Take the ribbon out – the same as a single bow
    and first of all measure the half of the bow.
  2. Hold it in the middle of your gift and pull the
    ribbon around, across, measure the same length and then cut it off.
  3. Tie in the middle. You can use your finger to
    hold the underside so it is easy to tie the knot.
  4. Now cut the same length of the ribbon and put
    under the knot across through the first ribbon so you have four ribbons.
  5. Now tie the bottom two first just in the same way
    how you tie your simple bow. Now tie the rest two in exactly same manner (how
    we tied the simple bow). Finally tighten the ends of the bow and cut off the
    extra bit.
  6. Don’t cut it off. Fold it in half and cut a fish
    tail. Tidy up your ribbon, and this is how we tie a perfect and neat double


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